Subject Overview

GSA’s reputation for training multi-skilled performers gained international recognition with the inception of our Musical Theatre course in 1967. Since then GSA has become arguably the World’s most successful centre for musical-theatre training. The Musical Theatre programmes provide personalised industry-focussed instruction and education, within the discipline of an ensemble, developing the skills and abilities of our students to prepare them for a successful and sustained career in the musical theatre industry.

The hugely successful BA (Hons) Actor Musician programme sits alongside our performance programmes in Acting and Musical Theatre and focusses on developing your combined talents as an actor and a musician.

Summer Break: End of Term 3: Fri 3rd July 2020
Start of Term 1: Mon 28th Sep 2020
Induction Week: Mon 21st Sep 2020 – Fri 25th Sep 2020


Why GSA?

Guildford School of Acting is arguably the world’s most successful centre for musical theatre training. Our philosophy is based on your growth as an individual and your development as an artist within a highly disciplined ensemble, who can compete and succeed in all aspects of musical theatre performance.