Over 95 per cent of last year’s GSA graduates gained professional representation or professional contracts within the first year of graduation.

We believe that the combination of inter-personal, practical and intellectual skills that you gain at GSA will make you employable and current in a highly competitive and ever-evolving creative industry. This is evidenced by the fact that GSA alumni work within and across the industry, both in live performance the recorded media, and within the contexts of popular culture and high art.


Dedicated Professional Development Team

We have a dedicated Professional Development Team who will ensure you are prepared for successful entry into the profession. Our team will give you advice and information on how to start and succeed in your career including:

  • Arranging mock interviews with agents
  • Organising talks on Equity
  • Providing advice on how to manage your finances
  • Support and tips on preparing your CV
  • Arranging for professional headshots and photographs
  • Supporting you in your final year as you join Spotlight

The Professional Development Team will also negotiate all professional engagements you might obtain whilst under contract in training at GSA.


West End Showcase

If you are following a performance course, in your final year you will take part in the Professional Showcase in London’s West End. This is your chance to perform to theatrical agents, casting directors, producers and other industry professionals in the heart of the West End.

Students on the Theatre Production programme will have their own London showcase where work will be exhibited to industry employers.

Industry competitions and exposure

As a GSA student you will have the opportunity to audition for various competitions such as the Sam Wanamaker Festival at the Globe, The Spotlight Prize, the Carleton Hobb’s Radio Award and The Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year competition.

Membership of British Actors Equity

Equity offers a Student Membership Scheme, which allows students to join while training at GSA and reserve their professional name. Immediate full Equity membership is available to those graduates of an accredited course who have the right to work in this country. Any student membership subscription paid will be deducted from the full membership fee.