At GSA we are committed to providing an inclusive and equitable training environment that reflects the diverse range of intersectional identities across society.

Led by the Head of School, in collaboration with staff and students our Anti-racism Action Plan and our Athena SWAN Action Plan outline our strategies for creating a learning culture that fosters racial equity and inclusive approaches to all genders. These action plans relate directly to the work the wider university is doing for the Advance HE Race Equality Charter and the Athena SWAN Charter.

We focus on ensuring that LGBTQIA+ students and staff do not face any kind of discriminatory behaviours at GSA and we also embrace neurodiversity and disability and work with the university Disability and Neurodiversity team to support the individual needs of students and staff. We have a focus on mental health and wellbeing, with a number of our staff being qualified Mental Health First Aiders.

We recognise the work of equality, diversity and inclusivity as an ongoing process of listening, learning and making a life-long commitment to improving access to, and experience of, our training and education for all people.

Anti-Racism Action Plan 2022-2025

  • Formal convening of a GSA EDI Committee, comprising Head of School, EDI Manager, Champions, Heads of Department, Operations & Engagement Manager, Marketing Officer, and student representatives. Reporting to Faculty EDI committee. [October 2022]
  • Consider the value and function of forming an Advisory Group (membership could include alumni, students, academic staff, professional and technical staff, and external advisors.) [November 2022]
  • Set up an EDI Student Forum to discuss issues and experiences around training in a safe space. [May 2021]
  • GSA Anti-Racism Action Plan, University Race Equality Action Plan and other equality related plans are accessible and visible on the GSA website and in student handbooks. [December 2022]
  • Action Plan Review Process: GSA EDI committee (and, by definition, the Faculty EDI committee) to regularly review progress.
  • Staff to undertake training in Race Equity, Unconscious Bias, Equality & Diversity, Trans Awareness, LGBTQIA+ Awareness and other training in inclusive learning and teaching. [Beginning February 2021, ongoing]
  • All freelance and Associate staff to be invited to complete the Introduction to Race Equity training and unconscious bias training. [January 2023, ongoing]
  • All students to participate in sessions on equality, diversity and inclusion as part of GSA student Welcome Week and the University of Surrey Students Union. [Sept 2022, ongoing]
  • Developing Pedagogy: staff encouraged and supported in acquiring further understanding of pedagogical approaches and strategies that are inclusive, supporting the development of cultural intelligence, equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Decolonising the curriculum: Curriculum content and pedagogy reviewed across all programmes in consultation with the GSA EDI Manager, the university Equality & Diversity advisors and Academic Developers for Inclusive Education. [Curriculum Design Review 2022/23 and ongoing]
  • Visit Schools and Colleges using taster workshops and creative projects to engage a wider range of students, particularly those who would not usually have access to theatre and performance experience. For opportunities, click here
  • Community: establish collaborations with the wider community, including other arts organisations, community interest groups and youth organisations.
  • Reporting procedures: In liaison with the University of Surrey, GSA is undertaking a review of current procedures for reporting safely and confidentially incidents of discrimination and harassment in all its forms; clear guidance to be shared with students including Report & Support and the Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation (OSCAR).
  • Support: establish a process for supporting students during and immediately after an experience of microaggression or prejudice of any kind within GSA