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14 February-17 February


The religious hypocrite Tartuffe has wormed his way into the once ordered household and vulnerable heart of substantial merchant Orgon. Under the guise of piety, he looks set to succeed in driving away the son, marrying the daughter, seducing the wife, imprisoning Orgon and leaving…
22 February-24 February


Candidates is set in an American high school/college around an election for class president. It is a romantic musical comedy, pop style, based on William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.
22 February-24 February

High Spirits

After Charles Condamine, a youthfully widowed author hires Madame Arcati, an eccentric medium who can communicate with spirits, all hell breaks loose – literally!
29 February-2 March


The lives of nine slaughterhouse workers interweave in this kaleidoscopic new play that explores the human cost of our desire for cheap meat.
29 February-2 March


Violet centres around a young woman embarking on a long journey full of hope and dreams of a new beginning. Violet has a large scar on her face due to a childhood accident and it has, quite literally, scarred her life.